Planning & AVR

Planning Imagery

Producing imagery to support the delivery of successful planning applications is a core Rockhunter service. Our dedicated team has developed a strategic framework to assist the design team deliver complex projects with a commercial focus to ever more demanding schedules.
We work closely with all those involved in the planning process to produce compelling imagery from the outset of a project to convey the design quality of the concept to the stakeholders. Whether creating design studies or delivering TVIAs, our imagery helps planners make informed decisions on the visual impact of the proposed developments throughout the complex planning process.

Our production framework is designed to assist the design consultants throughout the design development, pre-application and public consultation stages, to achieve design freeze as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Comprehensive preparatory work in the early stages of the application ensures that we deliver the final imagery for inclusion in the TVIA and Design Access Statement as expediently as possible.

AVR Imagery

Acting as visual consultants for architects, townscape professionals and developers, we have created an efficient and rigorous process with which to assess the visual impact of developments within landscapes and townscapes.
Accurate Visual Representations (AVR) accurately combine the 3D model of a proposed scheme with existing photographic context using well defined procedures that can be replicated independently given the key information disclosed in the report.

We partner with reliable and experienced surveyors to ensure consistent results, and have carried out accurate visual representations in parks, fields, urban contexts and sensitive historic sites. Clear and open documentation that complies with the London View Management Framework (LVMF) and GLVIA guidelines assures trust in the images, and plays a key role in backing up a planning application.

As a London based studio, the LVMF is fundamental to much of the work that we do. We are aware of the strategic constraints that the LVMF imposes on development in London and can quickly test the impact of a proposal within the assessment points. We actively track the changing requirements and standards of AVRs , as published by the GLA (Greater London Authority) and Landscape Institute, as well as London Boroughs and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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